Career Coaching

Career Coaching is delivered in both workshop and individual formats.

The Career Coaching Workshop is a one day event for small groups. The participants have different professional backgrounds and various reasons to change and improve their career path. Cooperation, sharing and exchanging is extremely important in this workshop. Participants will work on plans that focus on their life design, work design and the transformation towards the next step, and will make use of the insights and experiences of their colleague participants. Design Thinking techniques like reframing, prototyping, storytelling and journaling will be learned and applied.

Career coaching individually is delivered face to face or via Zoom for those professionals who want to improve their career development, or those who are aiming at a change in their life and work. The focus is on developing and executing individual plans under the guidance of a professional coach. The program exists of 10 sessions of 1.5 hrs in which you will be guided through review the existing situation and the plans towards the next steps. Design Thinking methods will be used like reframing, journaling and prototyping and the experience of the coach with the Designing Your Life approach. You will receive assignments and homework to be executed in between the sessions.

Dirk Alberti is a coach with 25 years of international management experience in the telecom industry and a 2019 certified Designing Your Life coach.

Today he runs Time To Move On business coaching, supporting professionals with their management practice and helping professionals with strengthening their career development.